The International Association of Dental Students (IADS) is a non governmental organization that represents dental students in some 60 countries worldwide. It was founded in September 1951, during the first IADS General Assembly that took place in Copenhagen, Denmark

The dental students’ educational needs sometimes go beyond the dental curriculum and clinical practice within the Faculty. Students feel the need to taste extracurricular activities such as being engaged into abroad internships, prophylaxis and voluntary activities, media or other. Only through these activities can they become leaders of their dental student communities.

The International Association of Dental Students has constructed it’s foundations and goals in order to serve and fulfil those kind of educational development necessities, and throughout the past decades it has successfully managed to build international projects for the aforementioned purposes.

Thanks to the Poznan CoCo’s and IADS/YDW for giving me the opportunity to share a great time with you and meet again some many friends. Is so fantastic seeing IADS and YDW looking for excellent education! See you in Madrid!
Aldo L Miranda Collazo, IADS Alumni
I had my doubts coming to Poznan, but I am %100 sure that I did the best to decide going and meeting you again. I have seen many of my old friends and many more I have met and I have to admit I am looking forward to meeting you again!
Şeyma Alpkılıç, TURK DENTSIC
Our first IADS meeting, our first International experience. We arrived here without any expectations but we have found a family that we didn’t expect to have. You embraced us immediately and for this reason we have to say thank you with all of our hearts.
Gloria Pischedda, AISO Italy
Thank you for making my first trip ever so wonderful. Thank you for the best company & friendship. With you all during those 10 days I felt home with family and never felt time at all. Every moment was special, because you knew how to make it so.
Kareem Hani Shawqi, DSSA Egypt
Guess I am the last one leaving Krakow right now. Thank you everyone for a memorable IADS congress, including the post congress! Each of you added value to the experience. I wish everyone all the best and hope to see all of you again in the future!
James Lian Yoon Chen, MDSA Malaysia