The Standing Committee on Research and Education (SCORE) stresses the need for the students’ involvement within the dental scientific community by offering opportunities for the ones who desire to make a difference within the society. Our predecessors managed to build successful projects in cooperation with World Health Organization, FDI World Dental Federation or Young Dentists Worldwide, and it is in our hands the duty to spur the continuity.

Dentistry relies on research work and here we are to develop the International Dental Research Program, which offers worldwide students and young graduates the opportunity to assist a dental scientific project abroad. The Program runs by applying the bilateral and unilateral principles, creating free of charge facilities for the students selected to be part of the Program.  The program has new logistics and in 2011 we look forward for it to be applied in at least 15 countries on 4 continents.

We encourage dental students and foster advancement of their professional and scientific standards through projects like:

  • The Dental Olympics
  • The IADS Lecture Contest
  • The IADS Lecture of the Month
  • The Lecture Database
  • The Prescription for a Healthy Planet project

The IADS Lecture Contest is held twice a year, having students and young graduates coming to present the outcome of their work.  The Lecture database comprises student scientific presentations available online on the IADS website.

There is nothing that can deter us from being active, promoting and creating opportunities for the worldwide dental student community.