The Executive Committee (ExCo) members handle the day to day business of the association.

Sina Saygili


Country: Turkey
University: Istanbul University, Faculty of Dentistry
IADS e-mail: president@iads-web.org

Andrey Baltaev

General Secretary

Country: Russian Federation
University: Saratov State Medical University
IADS e-mail: secretary@iads-web.org

Ivo Domagala


Country: Poland
University: Poznań University of Medical Sciences
IADS e-mail: treasurer@iads-web.org

Abanob Yosry


Country: Egypt
University: Tanta University, Faculty of Dentistry
IADS e-mail: editor@iads-web.org

Lucas Queiroz Caponi

International Exchange Officer

Country: Italy
University: University “G. D’Annunzio” Chieti
IADS e-mail: ieo@iads-web.org

Natália Savková

International Scientific Officer

Country: Slovakia
University: University of Pavel Jozef Safarik 
IADS e-mail: iso@iads-web.org

Malek Ghorbel

Immediate Past President

Country: Tunisia
University: Monstair University, Faculty of Dentistry
IADS e-mail: ipp@iads-web.org


IADS has multiple standing committees, each one managing worldwide activities in their respective fields of work, here are their leaders.

Khalida Badawi

Chairman of the Training Committee

Country: Sudan
University: Khartoum University, Faculty of Dentistry
IADS e-mail: training@iads-web.org

Ave Põld

Chairman of the Prophylaxis Committee

Country: Estonia
University: University of Tartu, Faculty of Dentistry
IADS e-mail: prophylaxis@iads-web.org

Deema Raslan

Chairman of the Voluntary Work Committee

Country: UAE
University: University Of Sharjah, Faculty of Dentistry
IADS e-mail: voluntary@iads-web.org

Rabee Toma

Chairman of the Committee on Recruiting New Members

Country: Palestine
University: Al-Quds University, Faculty of Dentistry
IADS e-mail: recruitment@iads-web.org

Karolina Klis

Chairman of the Fundraising Committee

Country: Poland
University: Jagiellonian University
IADS e-mail: iadsfundraising@iads-web.org


Regional Directors coordinate our activities on a continental level.

Shayma Karray

Regional Director of Africa

Country: Tunisia
Monstair University, Faculty of Dentistry
E-mail: director.africa@iads-web.org

Fernando Fuentes González

Regional Director of America

Country: Chile
University of Talca – Faculty of Health Sciences
E-mail: director.americas@iads-web.org

Tan Sze Hao @Eddie

Regional Director of Asia-Pacific

Country: Malaysia
University: Penang International Dental College
IADS e-mail: director.asia.pacific@iads-web.org

Laura Olivo Guerrero

Regional Director of Europe

Country: Spain
University of Valencia, Faculty of Dentistry
E-mail: director.europe@iads-web.org

Shayan Darvish

Regional Director of the Middle East

Country: Iran
University: Zanjan University of Medical Sciences
IADS e-mail: director.middle.east@iads-web.org