International Voluntary Work Abroad Committee

Every day the circle of projects is getting bigger and IADS members are also getting more experienced. We are happy to promote this best attribute of humanity among our members and encourage them to come to people’s in need help making them smile.

Aims of the Project

  • To provide oral health care and oral disease prevention, education and supplies to under-served populations in developing nations
  • Train their local people to take responsibility for the continuation of the preventive education and care and the meaning of basic dental prophylaxis
  • To create awareness amongst students from all over the world about circumstances of life in rural areas and lack of basic dental services there
  • To devealop problem solving skills, research abilities and knowledge of participating students about field work realities as a complement to university education
  • To promote intersectorial teamwork as a basic element of sustainable development, thus serving as a complement to university education.
  • To improve socio-economic as well as living conditions in the rural areas.

Dental problems in the project locations

  • Lack of dental services.
  • Poor oral hygiene.
  • Low benefit from existing preventive measures due to absence of dental public health education.
  • Traditional managment of diseases.
  • High prevalence of dental problems especially dental caries and periodontal diseases.
  • Lack of mother and child dental care.

Whoever goes to a voluntary work project knows it is one of their best experiences they could have as students. Voluntary Work Projects allow a student to go to another country and participate in an ongoing project to help the health of a local population, instead of being in a Faculty. The work differs from project to project: in some places, it is simply oral hygiene promotion and it may be organised by the dental faculty of a local university, who provide the health care plan, and students can participace in it when they attend. Another option is to join existing dental volunteer program organized by volunteer organizations.

All the time in IADS we work on establishing new project and offering our members new volunteer destinations. We also organize own volunteer initiatives, collect students reports, popularize dental volunteering among our members and enhance them to participate in outreach trips. We always try to join our international meetings with volunteer field trips.

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