What is IADS?

The International Association of Dental Students was formed in 1951, to unite the dental students of the world and allow them to exchange knowledge and experiences about dentistry at an international level. As the only worldwide association for dental students, we represent the future members of the dental profession at a worldwide level.

Aims of IADS meetings?

The aim of IADS meetings is to gather representatives and delegates of IADS members, partners of IADS and people interested in the association together to exchange ideas, update each other, brainstorm and work together. The possibilities for conduction of these activities are diverse: The General Assembly, the Committee Meetings, the scientific programs, the workshops, the social activities.

How often does the association meet?

IADS has a tradition of organizing two meetings each year. The Annual World Dental Student Congress which is the biggest event of the year, usually takes place at the end of summer, it always hosts the General Assembly and this is where the annual elections take place; and The Mid-Year Meeting, which usually takes place at the end of winter or beginning of spring, is an intermediate meeting between two Congresses to evaluate and optimize the work of the IADS.

Joining an IADS meeting is probably the best way to get familiar with the association and to get all the answers to your questions, since the programs that are organized during the meeting are meant to make the structure and the activities of the IADS transparent and understandable so that our members can benefit the most of them.

IADS Membership

We represent more than 200.000 dental students in 60 member countries.

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