Clinical Exchange Booklet


Dear Dental Students Worldwide,

IADS is thrilled to share with you all our new Clinical Exchange Booklet:…/docs/2015-2016_iads_clinical_exchange_bo

For those of you interested in experiencing dentistry in a foreign country by going for a clinical internship, we invite you to have a look at what some of our member countries are offering. This term, 25 Countries made it to the final cut of the Clinical Exchange Booklet. We salute the efforts of all National and Local Exchange Officers involved in organizing the incoming exchange programs of their dental students’ organizations.

In addition to the hosting countries’ exchange profiles, this issue of the IADS Clinical Exchange Booklet contains articles about our newly adopted Clinical Exchange Regulations and the recently launched IADS Exchange Portal (

You can receive further information about our Clinical Exchange Program by contacting your National Exchange Officers, or the International Exchange Officer at

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